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One of the best pieces of advice for new moms is to try your best and don’t compare yourself to other moms. Also, don’t let mom guilt take the joy of parenting away from you.

The point of having kids is to fulfill your desire to have children. Whether or not you have that desire will depend on many things, including biology, social, and your overall life goals.

The minimum age I would feel comfortable letting my child (boy or girl) go out with friends without the supervision of mom and dad or another trusted adult is 12 years of age. A younger child may not have the maturity level to make good decisions without adult supervision.

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The Baby Years

This is our content that deals with managing through the baby and toddler years.

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This is our content that deals with managing through the school-age years.

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Pre-Teen | Teen

This is our content that deals with managing through the dreaded teen years.

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Thank you so much for this…as others stated, most articles are focused on helping the child adjust (which is important, of course), but I really needed something for me as I started my 9-month-old in daycare for the first time today. I was glad to read the tip on saying goodbye directly (not sneaking away) and I hope to establish some good routines around that (ie same songs on the car ride over, a kiss and wave goodbye with a “mommy always comes back; see you later!”). Thanks again!
A Mom
Glad I found this post helped me a lot, as a father who works 10 hours a day, I still got upset leaving our little man with someone that you hardly know. Childcare is the way as I know he would blossom from all the interaction with children his age.
A Dad
This is some really good information about how to pick up your kids from daycare. It is nice to know that is would be smart to consider making sure that you take any toys or special blankets out with you. I know that my nephew hates to be away from his stuffed fox.
A Mom
Thank you for the supportive article and the comments below. Reading while in the car, in full sobs as I listened to my little one cry at daycare wasn’t easy to say the least, but the support here helped me to finally pull away, confident daycare is right for my little guy and that we’ve made the right decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
A Mom

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