8 Different Places That Offer Childcare Services (& the Ones That Don’t)

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I did the research, so you don’t have to. I’ve answered some of the questions many of you have on where you might find a daycare.

If there’s a place you’ve been wondering about and I don’t have it answered, make sure to ask in the comments section.

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1. Do Hospitals Have Daycare for Employees?

Many hospitals have daycare services for their employees. Some of those daycare options can be expensive and may have long waitlists, so make sure to talk to your human resource specialist to find out more information so you can start budgeting and get on the list.

Hospitals don’t have childcare available to patients. Suppose you were to come to the hospital with a child. A social worker or hospital volunteer may watch your kid until you got another adult to come to take your child. The child may be placed in temporary foster care if you have nobody else.

Many hospitals have daycare options available for nurses to utilize. Some of those daycare options can be expensive and may have long waitlists, so make sure to contact the appropriate person to find out more information and get on their waitlist.

Many hospitals do have daycare available for their hospital employee staff. They typically charge for the service, but many of them are reasonably priced and conveniently located on-site (or at least close to your workplace).

I haven’t heard of a hospital having a 24-hour daycare. There are independent daycares that offer 24-hour service to families that may work irregular hours, such as healthcare staff.

Looking for a Good Quality Daycare?

Find an affordable and qualified daycare center that fits your needs.

2. Do Gyms Have Daycare?

Many gyms or fitness studios offer daycare services on-site. These tend to be the bigger more expensive daycare options. Some of the national gyms that come to my mind are the YMCA, Life Time Athletic, and Gold’s Gym. There are others, so talk to the gym’s associate before signing up.

Many LA Fitness gym locations offer childcare. Call your local LA Fitness for more information on their daycare services.

Because of its low cost, Planet Fitness does not offer any childcare services.

3. Do Casinos Have Daycare?

Some casinos offer childcare options, but they’re few and far between. Once you decide on which one you want to go to, contact them to see what options or recommendations they may have.

Some casinos in Vegas offer childcare services, or they may arrange a babysitting or nanny service for you. Not all of them do, and none are on the Strip. Double-check with a receptionist first if you’re making plans with childcare service in mind.

MGM Grand doesn’t offer childcare on-site, but their concierge service can contact childcare operators and make the necessary arrangements for you.

You’re not allowed to bring a baby into the casino. You’re also not able to bring them to any live shows or performances.

4. Do Hotels Have Daycare?

Many hotels do offer babysitting/daycare services on site. It tends to be bigger hotels in frequently visited places. Talk to a hotel associate before making a reservation if childcare services are important to you.

5. Do Cruises Have Daycare?

Yes, many cruise lines offer babysitter/daycare services. It’s not typically included with your fare, so you’re probably going to have to pay extra for it.

Carnival does offer daycare/babysitting services. It typically costs extra, and there are some limitations, so make sure you speak with your travel agent or a Carnival Cruise Line associate before booking a cruise.

Yes, you can. Except for adult ONLY cruises, many cruise lines will let you travel with a baby (typically at least 6-months of age).

6. Do Military Bases Have Daycare?

Military bases do offer childcare services. Go to this site to find out more information about the childcare services available to military personnel.

Army bases do offer childcare services.

Looking for a Good Quality Daycare?

Find an affordable and qualified daycare center that fits your needs.

7. Do Churches Have Daycare?

Yes, many churches offer childcare services. The church will most likely provide childcare serves on Sundays during regular church services. Some bigger churches will offer childcare services (Mother’s Day Out) during the weekday. Mother’s Day Out is not a replacement for daycare because of their limited hours.

8. Do colleges Have Daycare?

Many colleges and universities offer childcare services to students to help them complete their degrees.

Depending on the lecture, you could, but this should be avoided if possible. A child is likely to be disruptive to both the lecturer and others in the class.

Many colleges/universities offer on-campus housing specifically for students who have kids.

Key Takeaways

Finding reliable childcare is hard.

For all the options I gave, even the ones I said offer daycare, keep in mind that it could change by the time you’re looking at this. On top of that, it might not be the case across the board.

If childcare is vital for your plans, get into a habit of checking ahead of time.

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