Do Baby Wipes Expire if Unopened or Opened?

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If you’re anything like me, you have baby wipes throughout your home, car, and every bag you own.

I have travel-sized wipes, bulk boxes of wipes, and convenient tubes. It’s not at all uncommon for me to find at least one package of wipes that is several years old when I’m doing my spring cleaning.

Quick Answer:

The good news is that baby wipes do not expire. The bad news is that they do dry out. Make sure any package of baby wipes you have is firmly sealed so they’ll last as long as possible. However, you shouldn’t fret about opening an old package of wipes for use on your baby’s skin.

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How to Keep Baby Wipes from Drying Up

Good news! Baby wipes don’t expire. They’re not made with components that can go bad or become harmful no matter how old they become.

Baby wipes are made from cotton, polyester, or wood pulp and are moistened with water, alcohol, and other cleansing agents. None of these items spoil over time.

The biggest issue with baby wipes is that they may dry out. There are ways to keep this from happening:

1. Seal All Packaging

All baby wipes come in resealable packaging. After each use, make sure you tightly seal the package of wipes by pressing firmly on the tab.

This is usually enough to keep the wipes moist until the next use, but sometimes you may need to take an extra step. Those wipes that are in flexible packages, especially travel-sized, might come unsealed.

A simple trick is to place the opened package of baby wipes in a gallon-sized storage container that’s sealed shut.

Perfect Pull Baby Wipe Dispenser
This is what we use to to store baby wipes after they've been opened. It creates a tight seal keeping baby wipes moist longer. It has the added benefit of making it easier to pull the wipes during use.

2. Properly Store Your Wipes

Baby wipes should theoretically be stored anywhere you need them. I use them so often, even now that my children are older, that I have them in each washroom, my car, and every bag that I use.

However, when the wipes are not in use, they should be kept in a cool, dark area. This helps to keep them from prematurely drying out.

A floor-level closet or a basement shelf is usually a good place to store baby wipes if you, like me, buy them in bulk.

3. Remoisten Baby Wipes

Has your baby wipes gone dry? You don’t have to throw them out. There are some simple solutions to make the wipes usable once again.

The easiest is to add a bit of water to the package. You can also use baby oil and diluted, skin-safe essential oils if you are certain they are non-toxic. Some good choices for essential oils are lavender, rose, and orange.

Make Your Own Baby Wipe

I never made my own baby wipes. That amount of effort wasn’t something I felt like I was willing to take the time or energy to try.

I have had a number of mom friends who saved a lot of money by making their own baby wipes. There are a couple of different methods.

  1. The first involves paper towels. Mix two cups of distilled water with two tablespoons of no-tears shampoo and one tablespoon of baby oil. Thoroughly soak a roll of high-quality paper towels. Store in a plastic container for use and throw away each towel when done.
  2. The second method is a cost-effective and planet-friendly reusable baby wipe. Instead of paper towels, soak about 10 soft washrags in the distilled water mixture. Store these in a plastic container or individually sealed bags. Instead of throwing away the baby wipes, toss them in the laundry. You can buy this set, if you don’t have enough washrags.
Reusable Baby Wipes
These are great options if you're wanting to save money.

Make Sure Your Baby Wipes Last

It’s a good thing that baby wipes don’t expire. If they are sealed well, they can safely last for years.

How do you store your baby wipes? What do you do to make sure you keep them fresh? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some faqs related to do baby wipes expire.

Baby wipes don’t really expire. The main thing to watch out for is if it becomes dry and moldy, depending on how you stored the package.

Expired baby wipes are fine to use. Just make sure they’re still sealed, haven’t dried up, or have gotten moldy.

Huggies baby wipes, if unopened, have a 2-year shelf life. If opened, they can remain fresh for up to 1 year as long as the wipes are sealed and stored in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

If baby wipes are not stored appropriately (stored away from extreme hot and cold temperatures), they may get moldy.

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