How to Write Baby Shower Thank You Cards (Template)

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This article is going to talk about how to write baby shower thank you cards after having your baby shower.

Before we get into it, we’re going to discuss all the reasons why you should write thank you cards after having your baby shower.

In the end, we’re going to show you some sample baby shower thank you notes to get you started.

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Writing Baby Shower Thank You Cards

We were very fortunate to have had multiple baby showers that friends, families, and coworkers gave us.

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In total we probably had about 100+ people give us a gift at one point or another.

To us, gratitude is a big deal and so every gift we had more likely than not a thank you card was sent or delivered to the person that gave us the gift.

To be honest, this principle came into question when we had so many friends, families, and coworkers give us gifts.

For the record, this was a good problem to have because many of those gifts were extremely helpful.

Some of those newborn gifts we didn’t even realize how helpful they would be.

For example, I didn’t even know what a baby car seat cover was, or how versatile it was. But more about that in another article.

In the end, we decided even though it was going to be a little time consuming we knew we had to write a thank you card to each individual or family that gave us a gift.

To us, it was a no-brainer, and we’re going to discuss why.

4 Reasons to Write Thank You Letter for Baby Shower Gifts

1. Show Gratitude and Appreciation

When you receive a gift, it’s always important to show gratitude for the gesture.

When you send a thank, you note you’re effectively telling the other person…

“Thank you for the gift I appreciate the time you took and the money you spent to get this gift for us.”

2. It’ll Make You Feel Better

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but research is showing the more a person practices showing gratitude the better they feel (source).

The research further says the more gratitude someone feels (another way of putting it is thankful) the more likely the person will act positively towards others.

This causes the other person to feel grateful and setting off a ripple effect of graciousness.

Even if you don’t care about the last part than just focus on this part. Being thankful and sending a thank you letter for your baby shower gifts could cause you to feel better.

3. It Sets You Apart

In this day and age writing a thank you letter seems outdated.

Many people don’t do it, but it’s something that could easily have you stand out from all the people they’ve given gifts to.

You might think does this really matter. Keep reading.

4. You’re More Likely to Get More Gifts

This shouldn’t be your motivation. Nor am I saying you should try to manipulate people.

But people take notice when gratitude is shown to them after they do something such as giving a gift.

Whether or not you think it should be the motivation of gift-givers doesn’t really matter because human emotions are what it is.

The 4 Qualities of a Baby Shower Thank You Letter

Over the hundreds of thank you letters we’ve written, we’ve come up with some qualities of a thank you letter for your baby gift.

1. Personal

You want your thank you card for your baby shower gift to be personalized and genuine.

It doesn’t have to be complex but something that lets the person know the thank you message is from you.

2. Specific

Along with being personalized, you want your thank you note to be specific to the gift and the event. So, for example, if they gave you a box of diapers and wipes, you should mention it specifically.

Depending on who it is and your relationship you can even make some joke or something with it.

3. Succinct

A succinct thank you card for your baby gift is a note that is brief and gets to the point. You might think you need to write a book to show the other person how much the gift meant to you, but you really don’t have to.

I suppose you could if it’s a thank you letter you’re sending to close relatives or a very close friend. Especially for people in your life who are more acquaintances a brief note is better.

4. Prompt

If you’re writing a thank you letter for a gift you got for your child, you should write the letter close to when you got the gift.

If it’s a thank you letter for a baby shower gift you should write it close to when you had the baby shower.

Writing it closer to the date gives the appearance of it being more thoughtful while showing how important it was to you to thank them for the gift.

On the other hand, even if it’s not a timely response don’t let tardiness keep you from writing something.

Tips For Writing Baby Shower Thank You Notes & Letters

When it comes to making sure everybody who’s going to get a thank you card gets one and for crafting a good thank you card here are some tips that could make the process a little easier.

1. Make a List

Making a list might seem silly, but it could save you a lot of headaches later.

For starters when making your list include the following:

1. Person’s name: for obvious reasons

2. What gift each person or family brought: This is helpful to know what each person brought and for being able to personalize your responses when you send the thank you cards.

3. When they brought the gift: This is good for making sure you get out thank you cards in a timely manner.

4. Where they brought the gift: If you have multiple baby showers people are throwing you or people are bringing gifts to the house later this is a good way to note it. This allows you to personalize thank you letters for attending baby showers or to thank them for dropping off the baby gift. People appreciate the personalized thank you letter.

5. Address: if you’re going to mail out the thank you cards, you’ll want to keep tabs on people’s addresses. One of the best ways to do this is by…

2. Saving the Checks

A lot of people think checks are outdated and in some ways they are.

But many people still use it as a way to give gifts.

Nothing wrong with it.

I find checks very helpful because they already have the person’s name and address written on it which makes it so much easier to keep track of gifts.

Plus, many banks now let you deposit checks by taking pictures, so it’s not really any more work to cash it.

3. Recruit Some Help

If your mom or mother-in-law or a close friend is going to be with you at the baby shower than ask them to help you take notes of what everybody brings.

This frees you up to focus on mingling with everybody and being the life of the party.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Etiquette

1. Who Should Receive a Baby Shower Thank You Card

When it comes to figuring out who you’re going to send a baby shower thank you note just remember…

Anybody who took the time to buy a gift, host a baby shower, show up in support (even if they didn’t bring you a gift) should get a thank you card.

For example:

Sarah came to your baby shower and brought a gift you’ve been hoping someone buys from your baby registry — she gets a thank you card.

Jenny came to your shower and brought a gift that made you think “really…why did she buy this did she not see my registry?” — she gets a thank you note also.

Samantha didn’t show up to the shower but sent you a gift— she gets a thank you card.

Julie showed up to your baby shower and didn’t bring a gift—yes, even Julie gets a thank you note.

2. Who Writes the Thank You Message for the Baby Gift

Either the father-to-be or the mom-to-be can write the message.

More likely than not the mom-to-be is probably going to write the thank you message in each baby shower card.

For ours except a handful of them, Andrea wrote all the messages in the cards.

If you do get some extra help writing them from your mom or mother-in-law or friend just make sure you approve of the message before it’s sent out.

3. When to Send Out the Cards

As soon as possible. We tried to have ours out within a week of the baby shower or getting the baby gift. As I stated above if for whatever reason you start running behind because as we know, life happens.

Is it too late to send out a thank you card?
Don’t let tardiness be an excuse for not sending one out anyway.

“Better late than never” as the saying goes.

4. Be a Little Creative

If you’re going to handwrite the messages in each baby shower thank you cards try to show a little creativity when you’re writing it.

What If I Don’t Want to Hand Write Everything

While it would be better to handwrite the note I understand many are not going to want to do this.

I would be in the same camp. If it weren’t for Andrea, I would’ve leaned more towards not handwriting the notes myself.

The other option is to buy a set of pre-made baby shower thank you cards with pre-printed wordings.

If you go down this route, there are several things you need to do.

1. Read it to Make Sure You Like the Messaging

You would think all thank you cards for baby gifts would be the same, but they’re not.

Different cards have different feelings, emotions and vibes you could get from them.

Plus one wording might be fine for a family member or close friend but not so much for a coworker or an acquaintance.

2. Buy More Than One Kind

The reason you should do this is so you can mix and match it, so not everybody gets the same thing.

If you’re sending it to people in the same family or same close inner circle, you don’t want all of them to get the exact same card.

3. Add the Person’s Name at the Top

This part doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it makes the premade message look and feel more personable.

4. Sign Your Name at the Bottom

Same thing with making it more personable. Add your name and your spouse’s name at the bottom (for those wanting to be extra cute the baby’s name also).

Breaking Down the Parts of a Baby Shower Thank You Card

Before we get to the baby shower thank you card wordings example let’s talk about the parts of a baby shower thank you card.

the parts of a baby shower thank you card template
The Parts of a Thank You Card for a Baby Shower

1. Introduction & Name

The introduction is an important part.

Along with the name of the person or group that gave you the newborn gift the introductions adds a personalized touch to the thank you card.

There are a couple of ways you could start it. For example something as simple as

“Hey Susie”

Or something more fun and informal such as

“Hey Girl”

I would avoid using dear in front of the name like in

“Dear Susie”

it sounds a little too formal.

If it’s a thank you card for a coworker or a boss maybe someone you don’t know very well and you’re trying to add a little be more formality to it for appearances

I would just use their name to start it out.


2. Body

Next is the meat and potatoes of the thank you card.

Recognize they showed up.

In the body of the message, if they came to your baby shower, you want to recognize it and thank them for taking the time to come support you.

For example:

“I really appreciate you coming out on Thursday for the baby shower.”

Recognize the new baby gift they brought you.

Call out specifically what they brought you.

“The outfit you bought Little Johnny is so cute!”

Mention how you’re going to use the gift.

As someone giving a gift, it’s always a plus to hear how my gift is going to be used.

“Those clothes are going to look really cute in family photos.”

Even if they gave you money or a gift card mention one of the things you plan to buy with it.

I don’t know about you but when I give a gift, and I know what the other person is going to use it for it makes me feel even better.

It’s because I know I helped them accomplish one of their goals.

3. Your Closing Statement

This is the second to last part. In this part, you can mention something heartfelt that happened at the baby shower or something like that.

For the case of a coworker or something requiring more formality, you can thank them again for the gift or for showing up to support you.

4. Signing Your Name

This is the last part of the baby shower thank you card message.

There are a couple of different ways you can do this.

Similar to the heading including a closing that starts with sincerely like


Might be a little too formal. If you want some formality just close with your name


For more informal closings you could try something like


“Yours truly

Or maybe you have a nickname you can close with to make it more fun.

Sample Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Below are some examples of baby shower thank you card messages for all different occasions from general to more specific wordings for different scenarios.

a baby shower thank you note written out
Example Thank You Notes

Baby Shower Thank You Wordings for Friends


Thank you so much for attending my baby shower! Your friendship is very important to me, and your support of our growing family is so appreciated! I cannot wait for little baby to wear the adorable Batman outfit and play with the toy you gifted to us!

Thomas and Andrea

Baby Shower Thank You Wordings for Co-workers


Thank you so much for attending my baby shower! Your support of my growing family is so appreciated! Your gift of diaper and baby wipes has been such a blessing to my family.

Thomas and Andrea

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wordings From the Baby

Aunty thank you for the blanket. How did you know giraffes are my favorite animal? I can’t wait to snuggle up with the blanket.

Love you!
Little Johnny

Baby Shower Thank You Notes For Gifts

Hey Tete

Thank God for Friends like you. I didn’t know a baby car seat cover existed. But I’m glad I know now. Thanks again for coming to the shower.


Baby shower Thank You Card Wordings For Group Gifts

John, Amanda, Patric

You guys are amazing. Your gift was so thoughtful. That $100 gift card is going to come in handy for diapers and wipes. I appreciate you guys.

Thomas & Andrea

Baby Shower Note to Guest Who Gave You a Gift You Didn’t Like


I appreciate the gift you gave. That outfit is going to look really cute on him. Thank you for coming to the shower and supporting me. It really meant a lot to me.


Baby Shower Thank You Letter to a Friend or Relative Who Gave You a Present But Wasn’t Invited to Your Shower


I really enjoyed seeing you at the shower. The baby soother is a well-needed gift and will definitely come in handy.

John and Sarah

Thank You Note For Baby Shower Host


Thank you so much for the wonderful baby shower. I’m not even sure what to say when I think about the time and effort you put into the shower. The black and white decorations were amazing. It was special, and I really appreciate our friendship.


Baby Shower Thank You Card Template

Below I’m going to give you a template you can use when your writing your next thank you note for an infant gift.

[Name of person you’re thanking]

Your gift of (what was the gift) was very much appreciated. It’s going to come in handy when we’re (what are you going to be doing with the gift). You’re an awesome ( friend, aunt, coworker, etc.). Thank you again.

( Your name)

I know the template looks and probably sounds a little generic but it’s going to at least get you started.


At the end of the day, the goal is to show the other person that you appreciate the time, effort, and resources they used to support you or get you a gift.

Whether you want to be super cute or just general with the wordings of your baby shower, thank you card I can boil everything down to a couple of points you need to remember when dealing with this.

  1. Actually, write a baby shower thank you card.
  2. Make sure it gets to them within a week of the event.
  3. Be thoughtful.

Nothing else really matters besides those three things.

Can you come up with other wordings for baby shower thank you cards?

Don’t forget to share this post so we can help others struggling to write their own thank you cards for their baby showers.

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 From the article How to Write Baby Shower Thank You Cards. Get tips and advice on your baby shower thank you notes wordings and messages. Use our template plus see our example baby shower thank you card wordings examples.  #newbaby #newmom #babyshower #babyshowerideas #motherhood
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