Is Child Proofing Necessary?

a child proofed cabinet

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Here’s what you need to know about whether or not childproofing or babyproofing is a necessity.

Yes. Childproofing is absolutely necessary. Babies, toddlers, and young children are naturally curious and uncoordinated. Those two factors lead to many dangerous situations. Not only do you need to childproof your home but also any place you visit. It sounds like a lot of work, but it is worth it.

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Why is it Important to Babyproof Your House?

baby proofed door handles

Childproofing is a simple way to ensure your curious toddler stays out of as much trouble as possible. Items around your home that seem mundane now can be disastrous to a young child. Household chemicals, staircases, and sharp corners are just some of the dangers you need to manage.

The Simplest Childproofing Step

Childproofing your home is not the hassle you might think. There is an easy way to determine what you need to childproof and what can be left alone.

Sit on the floor in each room. Look around the room from a crawling child’s perspective. What do you see?

  • Electrical outlets with interesting holes
  • Cabinets that might contain treasure inside
  • Shiny coins and other brilliant objects
  • Stairs that lead to mystery
  • The sandbox the cat goes to several times every day

If you can see it from where you sit, your child will get into it. Unless you want to discover your baby playing with what they found in the litter box, you should find a way to childproof it.

How to Childproof

baby proofed cabinet doors

Childproofing truly is just a matter of making some small purchases. These simple items will save you a lot of time and trips to the emergency room.

Buy and install these items well before your child is crawling. Once they start, they won’t stop.

You also have no idea when the crawling will happen. Likewise, babies crawl very, very fast.

Auto Close Safety Baby Gate
A durable baby gate to keep your little one safe.

Childproofing on the Go

My daughter wasn’t much of a crawler. Like her brother before her, she mostly preferred to sit still and play with toys.

Though we childproofed our home, it never occurred to us to do so when we were away. We simply brought enough toys to keep her happy.

All of that changed one weekend in a hotel room in Des Moines. My daughter took her first step, and she never, ever stopped. From that moment on, she was on the go, and she was into everything. I was frantic.

Luckily, I had the one item that childproofs every room: a Pack N Play.

She wasn’t always happy when she was in her Pack N Play, but she was always safe, which matters most.

If you don’t have the time or luxury to childproof when you’re away from home, just keep everyone safe and happy by taking a Pack N Play with you.

Graco Pack 'N Play On The Go Playard
  • Reach through bassinet folds with your playpen for quick set-up and easy travel with less parts to...
  • Folding feet and wheels allow for a 20% more compact fold than the average playard, making it easy...
  • Removable, full-size bassinet provides the perfect spot for baby to catch a nap, at home and away.

Why You Shouldn’t Childproof

baby eating a table corner

Some parents argue against childproofing. I disagree with them, but I will present their argument.

These parents believe children need to be exposed to dangers, so they learn what to avoid.

One of my closest friends is a strong believer in exposing her children to acceptable danger and plenty of germs.

She is also the friend I turned to when I needed advice about how to manage emergency room bills, as she has been there many, many times. Those things may or may not be related. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Key Takeaways

In the end, if you want your child to be safe, it’s important to take the time to childproof your home. You’ll be grateful you did when you realize just how fast your toddler can move.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments!

Have You Read These Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

You should start babyproofing before your kid starts crawling.

  • Safety gates/baby gates
  • bubble wrap
  • Edge bumper/ corner bumpers
  • Outlet cover

You need to babyproof:

  • Medicine cabinet
  • Furniture (coffee table, cabinets and drawers)
  • Window and blinds
  • Toilet
  • Cords
  • Stairs
  • Doors
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