Why I Chose Weight Watchers after Pregnancy

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This article is about why I chose weight watchers after having my baby.

Weight Watchers after pregnancy here I come. Find out the reasons why I chose weight watchers after my pregnancy and why I think you should too.

I just gave birth to my first baby, and he is adorable. He has wrapped me around his tiny little finger with his cute half-smile and soft coos.

I do have one disappointment with this bundle of joy… he wasn’t a 60 lb baby at birth.

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After My Pregnancy

I gained 60 pounds while housing this cute parasite for nine long months.

Is it unreasonable to assume he was going to be a record-breaking, large chunky baby the size of a 2nd grader when he finally made his appearance?

One of us was large, and spoiler alert, it was not my son! Now I am left with postpartum shifting hormones, a stinkin cute spit-up machine, and stomach that is oddly reminiscent of my second trimester.

In the midst of 2 am feedings (milk for him, Halloween candy for me) I am left with a recurring question, “how to lose weight after pregnancy?

The answer was simple… weight watchers. Weight Watchers after birth was a no-brainer for me, for I come from a long line of weight watcher women.

My grandmother and mother have both had sustained success with the program and are incredible examples of pursuing health in all stages of life.

I myself have used weight watchers in the past to jump-start a weight loss journey that led to a 70 lb weight loss.

I have tried other weight loss tactics over the years (Whole 30, My Fitness Pal) and weight watchers wins.

The Reasons Why I Picked Weight Watchers After Having My Son

Why did I pick weight watcher post-baby for weight loss? Several reasons come to mind.

1. Weight Watchers Evolves with Research

Weight watchers evolve with emerging research. It ain’t yo grandmas weight watchers any longer.

The plan has changed significantly, even from my first go-around (8 years ago).

Currently, the “freestyle” plan places emphasis on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Foods high in sugar are weighted heavily and thus discouraged in large quantities (per point system).

You can make a whole meal out of zero-point foods now!! No more starving after that point heavy brunch ?

2. Weight Watchers Encourages a Healthy Relationship with Food

Weight Watchers encourages a healthy relationship with food.

Nothing is off limits, and nothing is banned!!

Instead of days weeks or months without your favorite food, you can plan for anything and adjust your other meals for the day/week.

This creates an atmosphere of balance and leads to a more sustained change in diet. Eliminating foods I love completely from my diet leads to an inevitable binge.

Weight Watchers Difference
With Weight Watchers Nothing is off limits, and nothing is banned!!

3. Weight Watchers Keeps Me Accountable

Weight Watchers keeps me accountable.

I attend meetings every Saturday morning, and I face my weight every Saturday morning! It’s too easy for me to turn a bad choice into a bad day, week and eventually a month.

Knowing that I will be facing the music (scale) every week prompts me to make better decisions (as I am paying for this!!!) and reset quickly after a setback.

4. Weight Watchers Provides a Community of Support

Weight Watchers provides a community of support.

Every week I carve out 30 minutes to disengage from all else except improving my health. Weight watcher meetings are not about focusing solely on weight loss.

Instead, they encourage you to be healthy in many aspects of life. Food being only one.

Recently we spent 30 minutes discussing the importance of sleep! You will find men and women of all ages in all stages of their journey, all with a similar goal of improved health.

5. Weight Watchers Forces me to be Creative

Weight Watchers provides a creative canvas in the kitchen!

Yes, I cannot cook and bake exactly like I used to.

But I’m looking at this as an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles as I adapt to this health-focused journey! And you know what… it’s been stinkin fun!!


Keeping myself healthy is not only for myself. It’s an investment for my family as well.

Setting my health as a priority places me in a position to be active and have sustained energy.

Equally as important, I’m modeling a healthy lifestyle to my son.

Are you ready to start on your weight loss journey? Check out Weight Watchers?

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5 years ago

I’ve had several friends do weight watchers and they had great success!

5 years ago

this is neat, i will have to look into this after having a bb