25 Best Jobs For an 11-Year-Old to Make Money

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Children need to learn about making and saving money.

You can help them at a very young age by giving them an allowance in exchange for chores around the house.

Once they reach those tweenage years, it might be time to look for an actual job.

Best Jobs for 11-Year-Olds

jobs for 11 year olds
Some of the best jobs for 11-year-olds to get to earn a little extra money.

Not every job will work for every child. This list will give you an idea of the kinds of jobs young children can do on their own or with very little input from their parents.

Please keep in mind that child labor laws do restrict the type and amount of work a child can have.

Basically, a child under age 14 cannot be legally employed with very few exceptions. Nearly all jobs for children must be considered either hobby or gig work

1. Dogwalking

dog walking activity

Kids who are good with animals will find that dog walking is a rewarding choice. There are a lot of busy dog owners who don’t have time for daily walks.

There are also plenty of seniors who love their pets but can’t take the risk of falling. A responsible 11-year-old can make as much as $30 per session for walking a dog.

2. Petsitting

dog and cat eating pet food

Similar to dogwalking, petsitting is a great opportunity for young people who love animals.

I have hired a petsitter as young as 10 to feed my dog and cat, spend time with them and ensure they have plenty of water while I’m out of town.

An 11-year-old child will learn about responsibility while providing a valuable service.

3. Housesitting

teen doing chores

A housesitter’s responsibilities are varied. Some people hire housesitters who to physically live in their home while they are away.

When I hire a housesitter, I just want someone to visit my home a couple of times a day, make sure all the doors and windows are locked, bring in the mail and basically make the place look lived in.

An 11-year-old can easily do this.

4.Lawn Mowing

I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t let either of my children mow a lawn at age 11. Neither of them were responsible enough to be trusted with motorized, rotating blades sharp enough to cut grass.

However, a very responsible 11-year-old will find more than enough lawns to cut. The will also earn a sizable wage.

5. Yard Work

teen holding yard work tools

No, lawn mowing and yard work are not the same thing. While they often go hand-in-hand, yard work involves raking, picking up fallen limbs and pulling weeds.

My husband pays the neighborhood kids for each weed they pull and each stick they collect. It adds up pretty fast.

6. Snow Shoveling

Shoveling snow is not a year-round job, but it is a good opportunity for industrious kids who want to make quick money each winter.

Most of the kids I know charge about $10 for each driveway they shovel. You can give your 11-year-old a boost by suggesting they offer to shovel sidewalks and salt all of the surfaces for an increased fee.

7. Washing Cars

washing car using sponge

Some people love going to the car wash but those people are not me. When I wash my car, I use the automatic, touchless car wash so I don’t have to get wet, cold and soapy.

An 11-year-old can do just as well, if not better, than the automatic. All it takes is a bucket, a hose, a sponge, soap and some elbow grease.

8. Singing

This isn’t the kind of job every kid can do, but those with talent can make a decent income off of their voice. I was an 11-year-old wedding singer.

I can’t even count the number of times I sang “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” I also performed at local events like county fairs and festivals. Young singers can also make money off of tips and from entering talent contests.

9. Acting

girl and boy acting

Acting is a job that is regulated differently than other types of employment. Most states allow children to perform with a parent’s written consent.

Acting is very competitive and doesn’t always pay well, but it can be fun for kids. Both of my kids earned money at a young age by appearing in a television commercial for a local business.

They decided this wasn’t the life for them, but another 11-year-old might truly get the acting bug.

10. Crafting

Is your child crafty? Do they have an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, selling their crafts is a great way to earn money.

Kids might make jewelry, keychains, magnets, candles, soap or anything their hearts desire. I recently came across a couple of tweens who had set up an art stand.

Rather than selling lemonade, they were selling original works of art they had made. They even offered to make commissioned pieces. I loved the idea so much that I bought several and commissioned a few more.

11. Writing

writing on notebook

Does your 11-year-old regularly come up with story ideas? Are they constantly writing books and begging you to read them? Why not monetize them?

Anyone can self-publish online with little to no investment. Self-publishing is easier than ever and the royalty amounts can be very low or very high.

12. Vlogging

Vlogging has to be included in this list because it is such a popular way for young people to earn money. That said, I can’t truly recommend it.

A young person may later regret putting their entire lives on the internet before they were old enough to understand the ramifications.

There are also some dangers associated with broadcasting daily life.

13. Farm Work

boy and girl planting

Agricultural work is one of the few areas that allow the employment of children. This is largely due to the fact that many family farms cannot succeed without the help of their own children.

Your child could lend a hand on a local farm or take on their own project. For example, kids with enough determination, space and knowledge can raise chickens, and then sell the eggs.

14. Livestock Maintenance

Does your child love horses? They can work as a stable hand at a nearby ranch or riding club.

My husband’s first job as a young child was shoveling manure out of horse trailers. It wasn’t glamorous, but it gave him a great financial start in life.

15. Office Work

kid using laptop

Offices may need someone to help do small tasks like filing, watering plants or organizing storage closets. If you know someone who works in a small office, ask if they have this kind of need.

They may be willing to let your 11-year-old stop by once a week to earn a few dollars and some great life experience.

16. Tutoring

Yes, an 11-year-old can tutor. In fact, many public schools have programs that pair older elementary-age children with younger ones.

When my children were in elementary school, they benefited at a young age from learning from the older children, and then benefited again by passing their knowledge on.

Your own 11-year-old can start a small business by tutoring younger children in whatever area they feel most comfortable. This can be anything from math to musical instruments.

17. Beta Reading

girl reading

Does your child love to read? If so, beta reading could be a great choice. Beta readers read novels and short stories for authors before they are published.

They get paid for reading the book and providing feedback on what they liked and didn’t like. As a writer of young adult novels myself, I find using beta readers who are younger to be invaluable.

That said, most beta readers do not get paid in cash but are often paid with a free copy of the book once it is published. However, beta readers can and do sometimes charge for their services.

18. Holiday Jobs

Some holidays have special jobs that are both short-term and good for children.

Many of these jobs are considered performance gigs, like working as a Christmas Elf at a mall or as an actor at a haunted house.

Wrapping presents can also be a short-term job that many 11-year-olds can accomplish.

19. Dog Poop Scooping

It’s not a pleasant job but someone has to do it. An 11-year-old child can start a lucrative business cleaning dog poop from yards.

There are already many businesses that perform this service, which will help your child determine how much to charge. It is a good idea to charge per dog, per visit.

A $10 fee per dog would put any 11-year-old well under the amount most companies charge.

20. Painting

girl painting

Painting walls, painting fences or painting small items for people who don’t have the time or patience can be a good job for an 11-year-old.

That child does need to have the ability to carry out clean, detailed work. This makes painting a job that only a few 11-year-olds can accomplish.

21. Food Stand

The tried-and-true lemonade stand is a fun business venture for kids. Parents will provide the initial investment while the kids rely on the thirst of pedestrians for cash.

There is no law saying that lemonade is the only thing that has to be sold. My own kids have had successful cupcake, cookie and punch stands.

During cold weather, they have sold hot cocoa. Be warned, many places require permits for stands like this.

22. Reselling

kids selling old items

Yard sales are often more about getting rid of things you no longer need than actually making money.

However, a child-run yard sale will give them some cash while also helping you declutter. Help your children manage the yard sale and encourage them to rid their rooms of toys, games and clothes that they have outgrown.

Once the yard sale is over, you can go with them to donate anything that was not sold.

23. Elder Aide

The elderly often need people around the home to help them with daily tasks. Your 11-year-old can tidy the house, bring in mail, provide technology support or be a good companion to a senior in your neighborhood.

24. Door Hanging

A young child can get a job taking door hangings around the neighborhood. Political door hangings are the most common, but volunteers do not get paid.

Conversely, local businesses may need someone to regularly hand out flyers, which is sometimes paid by the hour and sometimes by the number of homes visited. If your child chooses this path, make sure you accompany them.

25. Photography Helper

photography tools

Professional photographers need helpers to carry gear, set up props and assist with lighting. Ask a photographer you know if they could use an 11-year-old helper for their next gig.

Key Takeaways

You will notice that some jobs, like a paper route or babysitting, are not on this list. There is a reason. An 11-year-old may not be mature enough to babysit a young child and paper routes are heavily on the decline.

Is there a job you think would be great for an 11-year-old? Tell us about it in the comments!

Have You Read These Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Farm help and helping with animals are some jobs that may hire an 11-year-old.

An 11-year-old could easily do just such as crafting or dog walking to make some money on the side. If you’re okay with it you could let your kid model as well.

Dog walking, beta reading, and photography helper are just some jobs an 11-year-old can do part-time to make a little extra money.

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Good suggestions 😁👍

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