What Do Babies Wear to Daycare? (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

a baby getting dressed for daycare

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More preparation is needed for taking your baby to daycare than just dropping them off and hoping for the best.

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is how to dress your baby for daycare.

Don’t worry. I have you covered in this article. I’ll guide you on what to consider to make sure your baby is dressed appropriately for the season.

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What do Babies Wear to Daycare?

Babies have different needs depending on the weather. In the summer, babies need to wear clothing that will keep them from overheating, while the winter months call for extra layers. Also, pay close attention to how well air-conditioned or heated the daycare is when dressing your baby for the day.

Breakdown of a Baby’s Attire By the Season

The clothing a baby wears to daycare should be play clothes.

Don’t dress your baby in their finest outfits for trips to a daycare center. Make sure they’re comfortable in their clothing by using soft fabrics that don’t irritate the baby’s skin.

Also, make sure the daycare provider has spare clothes for the inevitable diaper blowout.

The specific type of clothing worn by a baby depends on the season. Think about the weather before you dress your baby for the day.

I just wanted to emphasize how important it is to make sure your daycare has extra baby clothes (shirts, pants, onesies, shoes, etc.).

Diaper blowouts will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when and how many times.

What Do Babies Wear to Daycare During the Summer?

baby being held in the summer

Daycare providers want their young charges to spend as much time outside as possible during the summer months. Because of that, you should dress your child in the smallest amount of clothes possible. It’s so hot and humid you don’t want them to overheat.

Summer onesies are fine choices when paired with breathable shorts .

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Cute summer outfits are fun choices but don’t overspend. Your baby will probably outgrow any outfit you purchase within a few weeks.

Baby shoes aren’t necessary for children who aren’t yet walking. Walkers might want to have sandals for summer days. Others can simply wear socks or remain barefoot.

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What Do Babies Wear to Daycare During the Fall?

baby sitting on fallen leaves

Fall days might be warm, cold, or a combination of both, depending on where you live. Fall is a great time to get used to layering. Long-sleeve onesies matched with pants and socks are great choices. Add a jacketor a cardigan that is easily removed.

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Shoes are important in the fall. Pay close attention to wet weather and plan accordingly.

Rain boots might be necessary for toddlers who want to splash in mud puddles. Warm but lightweight shoes are good choices for most babies.

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What Do Babies Wear to Daycare During the Winter?

baby sitting in the snow

Like the fall, winter months require an extra layer or two. However, you will want to include thicker layers for babies who may face freezing temperatures.

A coordinated outfit that consists of pants and a sweatshirt is a good first layer. Add warm socks and a thick coat as well.

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Don’t forget cold-weather accessories like mittens and hats. In fact, make sure you buy plenty of extra mittens and hats because these items are usually the first to be lost.

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Inquire with your daycare about whether or not they will take children outside when there is snow on the ground. If they do, you might need to invest in a snowsuit.

You will also need this information when planning footwear. Children who will remain indoors can enjoy warm boots that are meant to keep feet nestled, and snug but won’t protect against the elements.

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Going outside in the snow means snow boots for infants are required.

What Do Babies Wear to Daycare During the Spring?

toddler walking in the rain

Spring is an exciting time for children. They get to let go of the heavy bundles of clothing that plague them throughout the winter months while they look forward to warm days for outside play.

Unfortunately, spring days may be very windy, rainy and can even include snow, depending on your location.

Dress your baby as you would in the fall. Have layers of onesies and sweatshirts with socks and shoes. For the spring, add extra rainy weather gear.

A ponchowill keep them from being soaked by a sudden spring rainstorm. If your daycare allows it, let slightly older children take an umbrella as well.

Buying Baby Clothes Ahead of the Season

a mom buying baby clothes

As parents, we love to plan ahead. It’s so nice to save money by buying items we know we’ll need well in advance.

It’s a lovely feeling not to have to scramble at the last minute for clothing and accessories. However, planning too far in advance can backfire.

Like many parents, I chose to buy my children’s clothing in the off-season. I bought swimsuits for the following summer in the fall. I purchased heavy winter coats in late spring.

I knew I was being smart by getting great deals on clearance items. What I didn’t know was how children don’t necessarily grow in the way you might expect.

My son was enormous when he was born. He was a massively long, hefty child who broke the curve on normal development.

It was only a couple of weeks before he had outgrown all of his 0-3 month outfits, which caused us to have to shop for new clothing well before we had intended.

That first year, he outpaced all of the clothing we bought. For the next several years after that, he grew at a much slower rate than expected.

Basically, we learned that buying in advance ended up costing us much more than it saved. By the way, this trend doesn’t stop when the children are toddlers.

Once he reached his teenage years, he started growing alarmingly fast again. All of the clothes we bought at the beginning of the school year are in the donation pile just three months later.

That said, there is always a possibility your child will follow the growth chart with perfection. My daughter is an example of this.

She has remained at the 50th percentile since the day she was born, which makes buying clothes ahead of time really easy and economical.

Unfortunately, you won’t know if it’s a good option until after you have already done your shopping. Take some advice from me and buy what you need when you need it until you feel really confident about your child’s growth curve.

Picking the Right Daycare Clothes for the Season

Dressing your baby for daycare is as simple as making sure they have ample clothing to stay warm but not overheated.

What kind of clothes do you make sure to pack when dropping off your child at daycare? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should consider putting socks on your baby when they go to daycare. The socks help protect your baby’s foot while also keeping them warm.

Babies who don’t walk don’t really need to wear shoes. You should put socks on them to help keep their feet warm and protected.

You should send two to three spare outfits in your child’s diaper bag. You should also keep some other seasonal outfits like a jacket or raincoat just in case of a change in weather.

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