10 Fun 2-Year-Old Birthday Party Activities

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Your child is turning two and it’s time to party!

Part of the fun, and the stress, of planning a birthday for a toddler is ensuring that activities are safe while also being fun enough to keep little ones entertained.

With two-year-olds, that task is often easier said than done.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Two-Year-Olds

Birthday Party Ideas for Two-Year-Olds
Fun party ideas for 2-year-olds.

A toddler’s birthday is a special event but it is not without stress.

You need to have age-appropriate activities that are manageable with the number of children you invite.

The following list are some of the best ideas you can find for children who are old enough to get easily bored but not old enough to know that they shouldn’t eat whatever is in their hands.

Special Note:
When planning your two-year-old’s birthday party, limit the number of guests. You need to keep a close eye on children of this age.

It is a great idea to have parents stay at the party with their young ones so they can help monitor safety.

1. Large-Scale Coloring


Any kind of coloring is fun for two-year-old children.

Make it more exciting by taking it to the extreme. Tape a large piece of artist’s or butcher paper to the wall or floor and hand over some non-toxic, washable crayons.

Give the kids a theme or let them come up with their own to draw. They will love drawing on the wall or floor with no limits.

Another option for coloring takes the children outside. Sidewalk chalk is safe, inexpensive and fun for all ages.

In fact, I tend to keep these containers of chalk on-hand for every day distractions even though it has been a while since my kids were toddlers.

Indoor or Outdoor

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$20 to $35, depending on which activity you choose.

2. Sticker Scenes

I love sticker scenes for parties. Each child gets a sheet of pre-decorated paper and a sheet of stickers.

They can make their own scene, which then becomes a favor they can take home. It takes no prep time, it’s very inexpensive and it’s safe for two-year-olds.


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3. Cookie Decorating


Toddlers love to feel like adults. Give them the task of decorating their own cookies before they are eaten. It saves you time on having to decorate cookies and it gives them something fun and very messy to do.

Let families know in advance that children will be decorating cookies. They will need to arrive at the party in clothing that can get messy. You will also need to learn if children have any special dietary concerns.


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4. Bubbles


What kid doesn’t love bubbles?

As long as the day isn’t rainy and the weather is above freezing, you can place two-year-olds outside with bubble wands and let them have fun.

You can add bubble machines and bubble wrap to have an entire bubble theme. Send the kids home with bubbles for their goodie bags.

Once the party is over, celebrate with a little bit of bubbly for yourself!


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5. Splashing

Swimming parties are good, clean fun. Unfortunately, they are not appropriate for two-year-olds. The next-best thing is a splashing party.

Have guests arrive in swimming attire and prepare them to get wet. Fill up a small swimming pool with a bit of water and let them splash away.

There are two downsides to this type of party. The first, and most obvious, is safety.

You will have to be vigilant and constantly watch children as they splash. Even a couple of inches of water is enough to drown a toddler. The second is weather.

You cannot always predict when a storm will come, so you will need to make alternate plans in case mother nature decides your party needs to move indoors.


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6. Musical Chairs

kids playing musical chair

Musical chairs at a party is a time-honored tradition. Set up chairs in a circle and have the children walk around them.

Play music, and then when the music stops, they must sit. Because you set up one fewer chair than there are children, one kid is left out and must stop playing.

Remove a chair and continue until there is one person left. If you don’t have enough chairs, you can cut out circles from construction paper and play “musical circles.”

The problem with musical chairs is that children feel sad when they don’t get to play anymore.

I solved this problem with parties I have hosted by rewarding whoever doesn’t find a seat. I set up a table of wrapped gifts and each time a child gets out, they get to choose a present.


Items Needed:

  • Chairs or Construction Paper
  • Music
  • Small Gifts or Treats (optional)


Zero or up to the cost of small gifts

7. Punch Pinata

pinata game

The typical pinata isn’t always safe for young kids. A punch pinata can be a lot more fun and it’s very easy.

All you need are some toilet paper rolls, small toys or candy and tissue paper. Place the prize in the toilet paper roll, cover the openings with tissue paper and tape around the edges.

Have each child pick their own pinata and punch through to get their prize.

Indoor or Outdoor

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Under $20

8. Edible Play Dough Sculptures

Edible playdough is great because kids can make whatever they want, and you don’t have to worry about them getting sick if (or when) they take a bite.

Bonus: It tastes terrible, so they’re unlikely to take more than one bite.

Making edible play dough is easy and doesn’t cost a lot. You can also provide rollers, cookie cutters, or any devices that will make building more fun.


Items Needed:

  • Edible Play Dough


The cost of ingredients, though you probably already have them in your pantry!

9. Handprint Paintings

painted hands

Painting is always a favorite activity for young ones. They love to get messy. It’s even better when they can proudly show off the mess they made!

Make sure parents know paint will happen in advance so kids arrive in clothing that can get dirty.

You will need washable, non-toxic paint and a plan. I recommend putting down a drop cloth and painting outside.

I also recommend using wet wipes to clean up small hands, faces, feet and hair (the paint really does get everywhere).


Items Needed:


$8 per child

10. Cloud Dough

Like edible play dough, cloud dough can be made at home with non-toxic materials. making cloud dough is simple. You can even make more to send home with your guests.

Indoor or Outdoor

Items Needed:

Home-Made Cloud Dough Ingredients (corn starch and hair conditioner)


The cost of ingredients varies, but you probably already have them in your home.

Activities to Avoid

You will find a lot of lists of party ideas for two-year-olds on the internet. Sadly, many of these lists are not properly curated.

They don’t always consider the challenges that come with two-year-old children. Some of these ideas that are popularly shared are not age-appropriate.

1. Bounce Houses

Large bounce houses are not recommended for children under age six. Children age three and up may enjoy a smaller bounce house. A two-year old runs a great risk of being injured.

2. Face Painting

Most face-painting artists will not paint on a child under age three. Two-year-olds are not usually patient enough to let the paint dry, which creates a large mess. They also have skin that is more sensitive, which can cause a reaction to paint.

3. Balloons

Balloon animals and balloon popping games are not recommended for toddlers. The small pieces of a popped balloon are choking hazards.

4. Anything Involving Small Parts

Again, choking hazards about with small items. Do not use building bricks or pinatas with prizes that are too small.

Key Takeaways

Don’t let stress impede your ability to plan a fun and memorable birthday party for your two-year-old.

Choose from this list of tested, true and safe activities for toddlers. Do you have any activities to add to this list? Share them in the comments!

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