Can a Daycare Kick Out My Child?

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No one wants to be the parent whose child was kicked out of daycare. It is upsetting to everyone involved.

The child, parents, and even the daycare provider are upset by the process. Before enrolling in daycare, parents should learn the policies regarding expulsion so they can be prepared.

Can a daycare kick out my child?

Kids can and do, get kicked out of daycare. There are times that a child’s behavior, among other factors, may lead a daycare to ask that the child not return. Unless the contract stipulates specifics regarding expulsion, a parent has little to no recourse when their child has been kicked out.

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Reasons a Child May Get Kicked Out of Daycare

There are several standard reasons a child may be removed from child care. In most cases, the daycare provider will first try to work with the child and the parent.

If, after changes have been attempted, there is no progress, a daycare may find it is in the best interests of everyone involved that the child finds a new setting.

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1. Fighting, Biting, and Bullying

kid bullying another kid

The most common reason a young child is kicked out of daycare is aggressive behavior. A child that hits, kicks, pushes, or bites are rarely tolerated in a daycare setting.

A parent with a child who has shown aggression in the past should talk with the daycare about what steps they can take together to ensure a more peaceful environment.

A parent who is open about their child’s aggression may find a daycare center best suited to working with a combative child.

There are times that a formerly passive child turns aggressive in a childcare environment. This could be due to the upsetting change in the environment or as a response to other children who are creating an unhappy atmosphere.

A kid who suddenly starts acting out may have good reason to do so. It could be in the best interests of that child to find a new daycare before they have the chance to be kicked out.

2. Uncontrollable Tantrums

child crying

My daughter attended daycare with a kid who did not want to be there. She cried and screamed most days until her mother was called to pick her up.

As a mother myself, I hurt for the child and felt sympathy for the mom. However, as a parent of a young child who was at the daycare, I was angered that my own child was not receiving the attention I felt she deserved because it was all directed toward the disruptive child.

I seriously considered removing my daughter to a more relaxing environment, but before I could do so, the child was asked to leave.

There are other ways to calm disruptive behavior that don’t involve expulsion. Most daycare providers are used to the occasional tantrum and separation anxiety. It is only when these methods don’t work that the alternative may be to dismiss the child.

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3. Showing Up Sick

a sick child

One of the most important rules in daycare is not to drop a child off when they show signs of illness. Unfortunately, that is also one of the rules that are broken the most often as well.

A parent may not realize that their child is too sick for daycare or may simply not have the work flexibility to stay home with a child every time they have a runny nose. A parent that regularly breaks this rule may have their children permanently removed.

Avoid sending kids to daycare when they are sick by recognizing when they are too ill for daycare. Also, parents need to familiarize themselves with the daycare’s rules.

Most require that a child who is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has a fever stay at home. Others might look for signs of communicable illness, especially pinkeye, and request the child be picked up.

With the presence of COVID-19 a reality, many daycares might have expanded their “too sick to stay” rule to include a cough, runny nose, or even excessive sneezing that a doctor’s note can’t explain.

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4. Problems With Parents

two parents fighting over child in divorce

Parents are sometimes a bigger problem than their own children. A difficult parent is sometimes a burden that is not worth it to the childcare provider.

Problems usually come from a parent who repeatedly shows up late to pick children up or doesn’t pay in full. Sometimes the parents are disrespectful to staff or even to other children and parents.

Another type of parental interference comes in the form of too much hands-on parenting during the day. A parent who insists on special behavior for their own child might be too much for a busy daycare to handle. Those parents who mean very well might be happier with a nanny.

If you are a mom or dad who thinks that a daycare is not giving your child the special 1:1 care you want, you should consider a nanny.

You can search for nannies here.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a nanny is the best fit for your family, check out this in-depth article I wrote comparing sending your child to daycare vs hiring a nanny.

5. Daycare Discrimination

kids with piggybanks

Tragically, a daycare facility may exhibit racist behavior. There have been documented discrimination cases in daycare facilities based on race, disability, and other factors.

Studies have shown that African-American children are more likely to be suspended from preschool and daycare.

There have also been cases of children being rejected from or expelled from daycare if they have same-sex parents. These instances might be cause for a court case.

Any parent who feels their child has been turned away for unfair or unlawful reasons is within their rights to consult with an attorney.

You Do Have Options if This Happens to You

It is not the end of the world if your child is kicked out of daycare. In fact, it could even be a positive change.

What kinds of issues have you encountered with daycare? Share your story with us in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a daycare can refuse your child for biting and other uncontrolled aggressive behavior. It’s not going to happen after the first bite but if it becomes a pattern then it’s a safety issue for staff and other kids.

Yes, your child can get kicked out of preschool for aggressive or unsafe conduct.

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Erika Bentz
Erika Bentz
10 months ago

Can my child be kicked out for fowl language?

1 year ago

Could a 4 year old get kicked out of preschool for urinating off playground equipment?

Paula Stark
Paula Stark
1 year ago

My infant daughter is being kicked out of the daycare. Cause I turned them in for not informing of a disease going around sooner and for not having a secured building alarm system installed after they were broken I to. I’m a Foster parent and the staff and coordinator have been asked several times to not have their door’s propped open. They left a window unlocked and 3 people entered the building and no silent alarms alerted the police or coordinator at all. The individuals had stayed in the building for 45 minutes and left just before the first employee showed up for work. So now my Foster child is being kicked out. They refuse to contact their security company and install alarm’s on windows and doors and motions sensors alert for police

2 years ago

My 4yr old child was kicked out of her daycare. There’s been multiple changes like new teachers new directors & new class format so obviously it’s a rough transition and the new director didn’t care that my child has been there since infancy. She threw tantrums at nap time. I’ve called 6 daycares closest to me are all full. I’m so disappointed and will eventually take my other child out

2 years ago

I am concerned my daycare will kick out my son. He was sent home due to poor behavior. I’m thinking we should set up a meeting with the daycare administration, but not sure if this is a good ideal.

2 years ago

So, my child hasn’t been kicked out from they care yet, but we are considering taking her out. Things are pretty rough for our family this year, so we didn’t have really the chance to contribute with any of their extra money requests like money contributions besides the weekly tuition. And suddenly we are dealing with daily complains about my child screaming when they are not playing, or when is nap time, and now the new one is that she doesn’t cooperate with the room organization after play time. So before they try to find any other reason, we are going to take her out.

2 years ago

My child got kicked out of daycare because his brother was I’ll and they said he wasn’t allowed to go. When I pushed back, questioned the sick policies set in place, they kicked out both of my kids.