Do You Take Gifts to a Gender Reveal Party?

giving a gift at gender reveal party

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Gender reveal parties are popular, but they’re still pretty new. The expectations and etiquette haven’t been set in stone, leaving many people wondering about some basics.

This guide clears up some confusion by answering whether guests should take a gift and what gifts are best for the occasion.

Quick Answer:

Bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is usually not required, so it’s primarily up to the guest. If you do decide to get a gift, it should be something for the parents. Baby gifts are saved for the baby shower.

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Are Gifts Expected at Gender Reveal Parties?

gender reveal party gift

Not usually. Gender reveal parties have one primary intention: to tell the sex of the baby. It’s more of a celebration with parents for the life they’re about to have and the excitement of having a boy or a girl.

Baby showers are celebrations, but they’re more about helping the parents prepare for their new arrival. This is the reason that everyone brings gifts to a baby shower.

In some cases, those gifts are very personal, such as an heirloom to be passed down to the baby. Other times, it’s about helping the parents stock up on diapers, adorable onesies, and a million pacifiers since finding the right one is trial and error with babies.

The differences in intent are the biggest reasons gender reveal party gifts are not required. Even if you decide to buy a gift for the baby, it can be challenging to decide whether to buy an outfit with ballerina slippers or baseballs when guests aren’t yet sure what the baby’s gender will be.

You might be invited to a party where a gift is requested. This usually happens if the host or another loved one has some particular idea they want everyone to contribute to. If that’s the case, they’ll let you know. If not, you can consider yourself off the hook.

Should I Take a Gift Anyway?

Just because gifts are not required – and usually not expected – at a gender reveal party doesn’t mean that you can’t. The expectant parents are celebrating, after all. You can take something if you feel the desire to do so.

What Type of Gift Should I Bring?

As I said earlier, baby gifts typically come later at the baby shower. If you want to take a gift to a gender reveal party, you’ll want it to be for mom, dad, or both together. Here are some gender reveal gift ideas for each:


Spa Gift Basket
Give mom a chance to pamper herself before the baby comes.
  • A spa gift basket is always an excellent way to go. Just make sure mom isn’t allergic to any ingredients prior to shopping (Blowing up like a pufferfish is usually not considered a gift).
  • Consider a subscription for Bump Box or other options geared toward pregnant moms.
  • Or an actual trip to the spa can make sure mom is thoroughly pampered pre- or post-birth.
  • Nursing pillows are fantastic – even if mom doesn’t nurse, they provide a lot of benefits.
  • A lovely comfortable robe and slippersare great companions for the hospital stay and every other day.
  • Cozy socks can work wonders, too, since hospital thermostats are usually set to “Ice.”
  • Loose-fit shirts can be a great addition to mom’s wardrobe.
  • An encouraging piece of jewelry can help through the rough days and make her feel special.


Shaving Kit
A good value purchase for a guy that shaves.

Both Parents

Voice Recording Teddy Bear
A perfect gift to record awesome memories. There are options for other animals.

Also, grandparents and loved ones that want to contribute to early college funds could choose to do this at the gender reveal party. While these contributions would technically be for the baby, it helps give mom and dad a start on saving.

I do want to take a minute to highlight that college isn’t getting any cheaper. Because of that help new parents start a college fund can be the perfect gift that compounds (literally) with time. Go here if you want to open a college savings account.

An Exception to the Rule

Sometimes, baby showers and gender reveal parties are thrown together. In this case, of course, you would want to take a baby gift.

Most of the time, the host of the party will let you know if it’s a baby shower, too. However, planning parties is overwhelming, so there’s a chance it could slip their mind. When you receive the invitation, you can always ask to be sure.

It’s Nice Just to Bring a Gift

Ultimately, whether you bring a gift is up to you unless the host tells you something different. However, it never hurts to give a little something to the parents.

They are preparing to embark on an incredible – and frightening – journey. Anything you can do to make that journey a little more enjoyable is remarkable.

Have ideas for gender reveal party gifts? Share them with us below!

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