10 Best Energy Tips For Tired Moms

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Moms need and use every ounce of energy we have. We often feel overwhelmed and exhausted from keeping up with our children and our daily lives.

If you’re looking for ways to increase energy, the following list offers some tried-and-true methods from moms just like you.

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10 Best Energy Tips for Tired Moms

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Too many moms think being exhausted is a part of life they have to accept. This is simply not the case.

There are plenty of ways to feel refreshed and rested even while being a supermom.

The first step is taking time for yourself to learn why you’re exhausted and how to improve your daily energy level.

1. Practice Self-Reflection

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What is causing you to be exhausted?

Is it the direct demands on your time or is it your need for perfection? Do you feel like you aren’t doing enough for your children while always being stretched for time?

Is stress getting in the way of fully resting? What is causing that stress and what are some ways to lighten that load?

That time for self-reflection is valuable because it can help you pinpoint where the majority of your energy is being spent.

You might not be able to remove the stressors, but you can acknowledge them and attempt to make them less of a mental drain.

2. Get More Sleep

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Don’t skip reading this step. You probably either groan or chuckle when someone tells you to get more sleep.

You know that getting up early is the only time you have to pay bills, do laundry and plan your day. You know staying up late is the only way you get some quality time with your spouse or by yourself without having to cater to your children’s needs.

If you have very young children, you might never get a full night of sleep without interruption. However, you will get more accomplished during the day if you are sleeping at night.

You will also have fewer illnesses, be able to think more clearly, and have a longer life when sleeping is a priority.

3. Eat Healthier Foods

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Eating healthy is something that often goes by the wayside when you’re a busy mom. You might just grab whatever is quickest and eat on the run.

There are probably times you skip meals altogether.

While it is noble to attempt making a week’s worth of meals in advance, having the amount of time it takes to prepare all of that food may not be realistic.

Stock your refrigerator and pantry with quick, healthy food that you can eat on the go. Tortillas, bread, light meats and cheeses, yogurt, hand fruits, and almonds are just some of the quick foods that will fuel you without taking a lot of time.

Even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a nutritious, healthy, and quick meal that has a lot of nutrients and protein. Just remember to go light on the fat and sugar when making these purchases.

4. Exercise

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If you’re too exhausted to get through the day, you certainly don’t have the energy for exercise, right?


Exercise increases your stamina and energy. It also helps you to sleep better at night, digest your food more fully and fight disease.

Your immune system and your circulatory system will thank you if you add just 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day.

The Mayo Clinic states you can do as little as 10 minutes of cardio exercise if it is vigorous. You will see a difference in your energy level almost immediately.

After my son was born, I made the decision to start running. I had never been a runner in my life, but I made the choice and stuck with it.

I started every day with a run, which gave me some time to think, exercise, and benefit from the energy.

My daughter did not sleep, ever, so I strapped her in the jogging stroller and took her with me on my runs. We both benefited from the fresh air.

Now that I’m older and my knees are less forgiving, I walk and do yoga daily.

5. Do Yoga

Article image - woman do yoga

I am a strong proponent of yoga. In fact, I am such a strong believer that I became certified to teach yoga last year.

This is an exercise that benefits anyone and everyone. It helps you to find calm and gives your body strength and flexibility. The deep breathing associated with yoga improves your mental state and your cardiovascular system.

Yoga boosts your immune system and has been shown to lower inflammation, which makes it perfect for moms like me who suffer from fibromyalgia.

Yoga is something you can do on your own or as a family. Even my 16-year-old son takes time out of his busy football schedule to do yoga.

6. Cut Back on Screen Time

Article image - woman using tablet headache

Excessive screen time, especially at night, can significantly impair your ability to sleep deeply.

Cut back on screen time after dinner.

Make it a family rule that instead of looking at your tablet, your computer, your phone, or even the television, you will instead:

  • Go for a walk together
  • Read a book together
  • Play a board game

Or if needed, find some other activity your family enjoys.

7. Supplement Your Diet

Article image -  vitamins

We know that fatigue can have a number of root causes. One of the primary ones is lack of nutrition.

While you can solve some of this through diet, you might need to supplement with vitamins and minerals. The best way to learn what you need to supplement is through a blood test that can be ordered by your doctor.

You could and probably will find that you are deficient in Vitamin D. Almost half of all American lack this vitamin that is important for overall health and stamina.

Many women are also anemic or borderline anemic. A lack of adequate iron can leave you feeling tired throughout the day.

Supplements that contain vitamin D and iron will give you the boost you need.


Talk to your primary care provider to see if you’re deficient in any important vitamins or minerals

8. Cleanse Your Body

Article Image- woman eating vegetable

No, I’m not talking about detoxing.

Cleansing your body has nothing to do with drinking a special tea or charcoal-infused water.

Clean eating means removing those foods and drinks that contain harmful chemicals, added sugar, and too much fat. Cleansing also means carefully choosing which items you use on or around your body.

Makeup, soaps, and cleaning products are often made with products that sometimes cause adverse reactions that you don’t recognize until they are removed.

Case in point, my sister found herself exhausted all the time around the time she started getting regular mani-pedis.

She would spend 30 minutes to an hour every week in a small salon, treating herself to lovely fingernails and toenails. This went on for about two years.

The entire time she told herself that it was just aging and being a busy mom that caused her fatigue. She then learned about toluene.

This chemical, typically found in nail polish and hair dye, can cause headaches, nausea, and fatigue in those who are sensitive to it.

9. Meditate

Article Image - woman meditating

I always thought meditation was stressful.

I would begin my meditation, and my mind would almost immediately wander. I was angry with myself for not meditating right, and eventually I stopped.

I didn’t realize that meditation is not about clearing the mind but about focusing it.

When I learned that it was okay for my mind to wander, I started meditating again, and now I’m a much calmer and happier person.

Your session can be as short as five minutes. First, pick a comfortable place and a focal point. Your environment doesn’t have to be completely quiet, but it should be relatively free from distraction.

Your focal point can be anything that gives you peace. A candle, a gazing ball or even a spot on the wall works.

Next, choose a mantra. A mantra is a repeated sound or phrase that allows you to focus your thoughts. Finally, find a comfortable sitting position, take cleansing breaths, gaze at your focal point and repeat your mantra.

If your mind starts to wander, recognize that, accept it, and pull it back in. Daily meditation will eventually become easy and even addictive.

10. Ask for Help

woman and husband chores

There is never shame in asking for help.

Ask your partner to do more around the house or to take the kids solo for a day so you can have some much-needed me-time.

Ask a friend or relative to spend some time with your kids while you catch up on work. Ask your boss for more flexible hours.

Ask a doctor or a religious leader for some advice. You don’t have to do this alone.

Key Takeaways

Read through this list and try some of the tips to find what works best for you.

Do you have any tips for increasing energy that don’t appear here? Give us your tips in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exercising is one of the ways moms can get more energy.

Meditation, exercising, and counseling are some ways moms can be good moms even when tired.

Mom fatigue or exhaustion is something that can happen with time. Over time if not dealt with, it may lead to mom burnout. See your primary care physician if you feel like this is you.

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