How to Label Bottles For Daycare: Step By Step Guide

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You pack your bag carefully every morning for daycare, making sure you have the exact supplies your child will need.

Diapers, bottles, pacifiers and extra changes of clothes are carefully stored to ensure a successful day.

Unfortunately, all of those supplies rarely find their way home to you.

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How Do You Label Bottles for Daycare?

The best way to label baby bottles is to purchase reusable labels. You can either choose write-and-erase labels or silicone bands that are personalized with your child’s name. These labels are easy to use and ensure your baby’s bottle won’t get mixed up with another child’s.

Materials Needed to Label Baby Bottles

These two different options give you peace of mind knowing that your baby’s bottle is clearly labeled while at daycare.

1. Custom Silicone Bottle Bands

Silicone Baby Bottle Labels
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Baby Bottle Labels for daycare. Meeting LFGB standards and FDAcompliant,…
  • CUSTOMIZED LABELS. With four customized labels at your disposal, you no longer need to write your…
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The Custom Silicone Bottle Bands are great because they are long-lasting and your baby’s name will never wear off.

2. Reusable Bottle Labels

Reusable Baby Bottle Labels
  • Each set of daycare bottle labels includes 6 high quality bottle band and one free dry erase marker
  • Super strechy to fit around all baby bottles and adds a grippy texture which is great for babies…
  • Made from high quality food grade silicone. These will last for years and do not deteriorate with…

The Reusable Bottle Labels are good choices because they are less expensive and can be reused in the future for other children.

Step by Step Guide on Labeling Infant Bottles For Daycare

Step 1. Choose the Bottles to Send to Daycare

Article Image - baby bottle

The number of bottles and the size of those bottles depend on your child’s age and eating patterns.

You will probably send one bottle for every two hours at daycare.

Therefore, if your baby is at daycare for eight hours, you will need to send four bottles. Some moms send one extra bottle just in case it is needed.

Step 2. Fill the Bottles

Article Image - bottle

It’s easiest to fill the bottles before you label them. If your baby is formula fed, go ahead and pre-make the formula and fill the bottles.

Don’t send the formula with empty bottles, and expect the daycare staff to make the bottles for you.

As long as the prepared formula is refrigerated, typically it can still be used within 24 hours without losing any of its nutritional content.

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Step 3. Label the Bottles

Article Image - baby bottle label

The way you label the bottles depends on the type of label you choose.

You can either pull the band over the bottle or, if you prefer label stickers, you can stick them to the bottle once it is filled.

If choosing a label you must write on, make sure you have already written your child’s name on the label using the provided pen before you place it on the bottle.

If choosing a sticker, you will need to use a permanent marker and allow it to dry.

I cannot in good conscience recommend using stickers.

They are somewhat annoying to remove, can leave behind a sticky residue, and won’t adhere to all types of bottles.

Step 4. Remove Labels

Once your bottle comes home to you, the first thing you will want to do is remove the labels.

Your baby’s bottles need to be well sanitized, and that is best done with no foreign materials, including labels on them.

Step 5. Sanitize Bottles

Sanitize your bottles in the way that you prefer. Some people use a pot of boiling water, some use countertop sanitizers, and others use the dishwasher on a sanitizing setting.

Of course, any bottles that are unused during the day can be stored for evening or overnight use.

Just make sure that you don’t use formula after 24 hours from the time it is prepared. Breastmilk can be used for up to four days as long as it has been refrigerated.

Step 6. Clean Labels by Hand

Use a sanitizing wipe to clean each label by hand. They don’t need to be heavily sanitized like bottles and pacifiers, but they do need to be cleaned every day.

How Not to Label Bottles for Daycare

Don’t use a permanent marker directly on your bottle. Even permanent markers can wear off and the toxins from the ink can get onto your baby’s hands, which then go directly into their mouth.

Don’t use masking tape. Some moms will put a piece of masking tape on the bottom of the bottle, which they then write the child’s name on. Masking tape leaves behind a sticky residue that is very difficult to remove.

Key Takeaways

Labeling bottles for daycare isn’t just the smart thing to do, it’s also very easy. What’s more, taking a small amount of time to label your bottles will save you a lot of stress later.

How will you label your bottles for daycare? Tell us in the comments!

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