25 Best Jobs For a 7-Year-Old

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Childhood is a time of fun, play, curiosity and growth.

Having a job helps children learn about the world around them while also gaining some good life skills.

A seven-year-old obviously cannot hold a regular job, but there are some things they can do around the house for an allowance.

Best Jobs For a 7-Year-Old

Consider the skills you want to instill in your child when looking for a job for a seven-year-old.

Think about household chores that need to be done but also ponder what values they might learn from certain jobs.

At seven, the goal is less about earning and more about learning.

1. Wiping Table

Article image - cleaning with gloves

Your table needs to be cleaned before you eat. Why not trust the seven-year-old?

Teach them how to properly wipe the table, and then let them take on the responsibility of ensuring you have a clear surface before each meal.

2. Loading Dishwasher

Loading up the dishwasher is not a difficult chore, therefore it is perfect for a seven-year-old.

Teach them how to rinse dishes and how to properly load the dishwasher. You may want to load knifes yourself until your child gets a bit older.

3. Drying Dishes

girl washing dishes

Dishes that are washed by hand need to be dried. Who better to do this than your seven-year-old?

Likewise, many of us prefer not to heat dry our dishes in the dishwasher in order to conserve energy. Put your seven-year-old to work by having them do the drying for you.

4. Sorting Laundry

Laundry needs to be sorted into colors, delicates, whites and bulky items. You could do this yourself or you could have your seven-year-old do it for you.

Provide them with four baskets and have them do the sorting. In a couple of years, you can have them washing the laundry as well!

5. Feeding Pets

kid holding cat

If you have pets, they need to be fed. A seven-year-old is old enough to measure the appropriate food and fill dishes for your pets.

You will need to supervise at first, but eventually you will be able to trust your child to feet the pets on their own.

6. Replenishing Pet Water

My dog will only drink out of one, specific water dish. Likewise, my cat has a favorite water dish and no other will suffice.

Unfortunately, they both need the same dish. That means it is in constant need of refilling. You may not be in the same situation, but your pet’s water dish does need regular water.

A seven-year-old could be in charge of this daily task.

7. Dusting

feather duster

Dusting is one of the easiest household chores. Arm your seven-year-old with a feather duster and have them hit all of the surfaces in any given room.

It’s been my experience that children love to dust. Hopefully that will be your experience as well!

8. Setting the Table

Before anyone can eat, they need plates, napkins and flatware. All of these items are easy for your seven-year-old to manage.

You might see a perfectly set, formal dinner arrangement each night, but you will have given your child an important job that everyone will appreciate.

9. Packing Lunch or Snacks


My daughter does not like eating a school lunch. Each morning, I make a sandwich for her while I’m making breakfast for the family.

She then grabs her lunch box and fills it with everything else that she needs: a juice, a piece of fruit, and some veggie straws.

10. Making Bed

A child can start making their own bed from a very early age. By age seven, they should be fairly adept at making a tidy bed after they arise each morning.

11. Putting Away Toys

arranging toys

Children should get into the habit of putting away their toys every night before they go to bed.

It helps by starting even younger, but any age is a good age to begin learning about organization.

12. Getting Mail and Packages

As long as you live in a safe area, you can be confident that your child can step outside to grab mail and packages.

This can be a daily chore for your seven-year-old. If you live on a busy street or in a neighborhood that isn’t known for safety, this might be a job to avoid.

13. Putting Groceries Away

grocery vegetables

Let your child help you with errands by having them help you put away groceries. You should put away anything breakable, like eggs and sauces in glass jars.

You should also put away things that are very heavy, like gallons of milk. Your child can put up canned goods, dry goods, fruits and vegetables.

14. Folding Laundry

Are you picky about how your laundry is folded? If the answer is yes, skip this job and move on to the next one.

A seven-year-old is not going to give you perfectly folded clothes. What they will give you is one less chore on your own to do list.

15. Sweeping Indoors


If your house is like mine, sweeping is an every day activity. I have a lot of children and pets running in and out of the doors.

Most of them aren’t even mine! They bring every leaf, piece of dirt and blade of grass with them. Let your seven-year-old take turns sweeping your tile, linoleum and wood floors.

16. Sweeping Outdoors

Your sidewalk, porch, deck and driveway need regular sweeping. Let all of the neighbors applaud your child for doing this chore.

Your child will feel pride in the accomplishment and from the praise.

17. Sorting Recycling

girl throwing garbage

The recycling program in my community is somewhat complex. Cans, glass, different types of plastic, papers and boxes have to be separated in order to be recycled.

Teach your child about being a steward for the planet by putting them in charge of sorting recylcables.

Volunteer Jobs

Not all jobs are household chores. Sometimes the most beneficial jobs are those volunteer tasks that help others.

Show your children how important it is to give your time by volunteering along with them in one of these jobs.

18. Crafting for Children’s Hospitals

Sick children need some joy in their lives. They love receiving gifts and nothing is more special than something made just for them.

Your seven-year-old can make friendship bracelets, bookmarks, slime, homemade play dough and much more.

Make sure to check with the children’s hospital before making gifts as some may not be allowed.

19. Joining a Charity Walk

kids on a charity walk

It’s not a job, but it can be viewed in a similar vein. Your child can earn money for a charity by walking.

Sponsors vow to give money for every mile walked or run. Another option is to regularly join charitable walks and runs. You can do this with your child. You will both be getting healthier while raising money for a good cause.

20. Phone Banking

Let’s be honest: Phone banking is a thankless activity. Most people are annoyed by phone calls from people they don’t know.

Luckily, even the grouchiest people are reluctant to show their anger to a seven-year-old. In fact, most of them are impressed that a young child is willing to call about an important cause.

My own children started phone banking at around age six for one of the causes my husband and I support. It has helped them to overcome shyness while also spreading the word about your preferred charity.

21. Playing With Pets at Shelters

kids caring for cat

I am a big fan of volunteerism. I’m also a big fan of dogs and cats.

That’s why my children and I started volunteering at our local humane society as soon as they were old enough to do so.

We play with the cats, take dogs on walks and give them companionship until they can be adopted.

This does require a close eye as some dogs don’t have experience with young children and most cats have very sharp claws.

22. Visiting Elder Care Homes

The elderly who live in care facilities benefit from spending time with young people.

Take your child to an elder care facility so they can brighten the day of someone who truly needs it.

23. Cleaning the Community

young one cleaning the community

A pair of gloves, a trash picker and a garbage bag. These are the only things your child needs to be a community helper.

Cleaning the community is better when done in large groups. Invite your kid’s friends and their parents to help. You’ll have your area clean in virtually no time.

24. Sorting Items at Food Pantry

Another place where my children and I regularly volunteer is the local food pantry. They have various jobs for volunteers.

Some things my kids and I have done include packing bags with groceries, condensing vats of cereal into smaller boxes and sorting produce.

25. Serving Food at Shelter

young girl giving ration

Your local shelter probably needs someone there to help. Your seven-year-old can help those who are at a disadvantage by helping to dispense food.

Kids who prefer not to be public facing will find a place in the kitchen to help out. They will learn a lot by helping others.

Key Takeaways

Seven-year-olds are old enough for some responsibilities that can help you and your community.

Provide a small allowance to your seven-year-old for being a good helper and they will learn the importance of work. What are your thoughts?

Tell us in the comments!

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