10 Important Things You Need to Say to Your Adult Son

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A mother doesn’t stop being a mother when her son grows up, moves out and starts his adult life.

She needs to continue giving him the love and support he deserves. His life will be vastly improved each time his mom shares one of the following phrases.

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10 Important Things You Need to Say to Your Adult Son

Infographic on phrases parents should say to their adult son.

My husband has a tricky relationship with his mother. I am doing my best to try to learn from their dynamic so I can have a better bond with my son as he grows.

Some of the tips I have taken from their poor communication skills have come directly from what my husband wishes his mother would say to him.

The mother-son relationship is an important one. Making sure you say the following things to your son will help develop that bond and keep it going strong.

1. I Love You

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You love your son. He knows you love him and you know that he knows.

Does that mean you don’t have to say it? Of course not! Show him you love him, but tell him as well. Trust me, he wants to hear it.

2. You Matter

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Your son is a very important person to you. He might not always feel just how much he matters.

Every now and then, you need to remind him. Tell him how important he is in your life and the lives of those around him.

3. You Are a Good Person

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Some men want to be great, but it’s arguably more important to be good. Tell your son that you recognize his innate goodness.

Tell him you are proud of him for being a moral, ethical person. Remind him that you notice how he tries to make the right choices.

4. I Have Faith in You

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Putting your trust in someone else isn’t always easy. Your son knows this. When you tell him that you have faith in him as a person, you are giving him a beautiful gift.

He will carry your faith with him every day. It will make him stand taller, feel more confident and feel more loved.

5. You Are Enough

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It is sadly common for a young man to be held to a standard that he feels he cannot reach. He may feel like he is not strong enough, powerful enough or smart enough to reach whatever goal he wishes to achieve.

Remind your son that he absolutely is enough. He doesn’t need to be more of anything; he only needs to be the best him that he already is.

6. You Can Count on Me

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Your son needs regular reminders that you are there for him. He might need someone to talk to or to offer advice when he is struggling.

He might need a friend to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on. You can be all of those things for him when he needs his mom.

7. It’s Okay to Be Scared

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People often feel ashamed of being scared. Tell your adult son that you know how scary the world can be and he should allow himself to have those feelings.

Remind him that bravery isn’t the lack of fear but the ability to push past it.

8. I Am Celebrating Your Accomplishments

proud mom to son

Your son will experience some great things in his life. Whether he gets a big promotion at work or publishes a poem in a magazine read by three people, his accomplishments should be celebrated.

Let him know that you celebrate every achievement with glee.

This is, perhaps, the most important statement to my husband.

He is extremely successful, which was no easy task. Raised by an impoverished, single mom, he worked his way through college and graduate school without taking on any debt.

He is now highly respected in his field. He has received national accolades for his work. He has published multiple books. He is also a very doting, loving father and husband.

Basically, if he has dreamed it, he has accomplished it. Beyond all of that, he is a very good man.

His mother has yet to acknowledge his achievements. She may celebrate them on her own, but since she doesn’t tell him this, he feels forgotten by her.

It makes every success he experiences feel less important. When your adult son reaches a goal, no matter how large or small, tell him that you are excited for him.

You don’t have to throw a parade, but you do need to play your part in his happiness.

9. We Can Get Through This Together

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Life won’t always be sunshine and roses for your son. He will have struggles of all shapes and sizes.

Let him know he isn’t alone. You will be there for him when he needs you. Tell him that you are there for him no matter what.

10. I Am Proud of You

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I make a point to tell my son, every day, how proud I am of him. There is no false pride.

I am authentically proud of who he is now and who he is becoming. I fully intend on continuing to tell him how proud he makes me as long as I live. He has often returned the favor.

He regularly says, “Mom, I’m so proud of you for raising such an awesome son.” We then laugh, hug and laugh some more. Never forget to share your pride with your son. He needs to hear it.

Key Takeaway

Your adult son is still a little boy who needs his mom deep on the inside. These 10 statements remind him that you are just as important to him as he is to you.

Do you have any statements to add? Tell us in the comments!

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